What's The Difference Between Seamoss and Irish Moss?


Seamoss & Irish moss...What's the difference?

  First and foremost, seamoss is a sea algae found in many oceans all across the globe. Seamoss has thousands of different species that can be found, however the most popular ones that are know on the market are Genus Gracilaria (seamoss) and Chrondus Chrispus (Irish moss). I bet you're thinking "Hold on but wait, I thought they were the same thing?" Well...they basically are. Seamoss is a general name for the sea algae itself and the difference between the two species is literally in it's name "Irish."

  Chrondus Chrispus ( or Irish moss) can primarily be found in the oceans surrounding Ireland which is a colder climate. Irish moss has the same nutrients as Genus Gracilaria but has a greater amount of potassium chloride ( which helps with blood levels). It's also known for its anti-inflammatory properties it possesses, but like I said before they both have similar if not the same properties. Chrondus Chrispus has a distinct dark purple leafy look to it.

  Genus Gracilaria is the more popular of the two which is the one you're most likely seeing when you scroll through social media and see a video of Dr.Sebi (RIP) speaking on the benefits of this sea algae. This is the more common one that you'd also see in stores , well that's if they're selling the real version (I'll explain that in another blog). This species has more of a branchy look to it and is commonly shown in it golden form, however it comes in many different colors( I'll also discuss that in another blog post). Genus Gracilaria can be found along the Atlantic oceans in islands such Jamaica, St.Lucia,Barbados, etc.


  All in all, either species of this algae is fine to consume.If you can get your. hands on either/or I'd suggest you get to it! You can purchase a jar of either golden/purple Genus Gracilaria gel at the site store today!