What is Seamoss and how do I use it?

  I'm pretty sure you're wondering "Why do I keep coming across videos on Instagram and Facebook talking about this weird looking seaweed plant thingy?" You're probably confused as to "How does this weird plant looking thing hold so much nutrients in a matter of a couple daily spoonfuls? "You're also probably wondering "How do I even take this seamoss thing?" Well I'm here to help!


  In the past year or so seamoss has gained a major buzz throughout social media due to its close to miraculous benefits that it can have on a persons body. The term seamoss gained its name from the late-great Dr.Sebi who popularized the sea herb through his lectures over his lifetime. seamoss is a sea algae that has been used for centuries for many holistic and nutritional uses. It contains 92 minerals out of the 102 minerals that our body is made up of. Seamoss attaches itself to small rocks and stones in the ocean where it gets it nutrients which are the 92 minerals that nourish our bodies.


  Seamoss can be used for many different health ailments, interior or exterior.  It is normally taken internally but can be used topically.Here are some of the benefits that seamoss can help with: 

•Helps thyroid health

•Benefial for the digestive system 

•Helps regulate good gut bacteria 

•Great source of energy

•Libido/Sex drive



•Removal of mucus in the lungs

•Weight gain/ loss

•Strengthening Joints

•Respiratory Health

•Much more!


  It is normally advised that seamoss is taken by 1-2 spoonfuls a day due to the fact that it gives you such a vast amount of energy within those spoonful.However, you can take as much as you feel you need!