Bladderwrack...What's the importance?

  Bladderwrack which is kelp has minerals such as calcium and magnesium which strengthens bones.It can bind and detox your body from heavy metals. Heavy metals in the body can be poisonous we tend take in heavy metals such as iron, copper, zinc, etc. In large or toxic amounts can be dangerous to the body.Bladderwrack also has anti-viral properties.

  Another mineral that the body needs is calcium.When you think of calcium you automatically think of strong bones which also makes you think of consuming milk for calcium. However, milk is toxic and cancerous to the body and does more damage to the bones than good.Calcium can not help the bones but muscle , nerves, and cells in the body.Calcium can be found in Bladderwrack, watercress, Seamoss, and Kale.