Wildcrafted Purple Seamoss (4 oz)

Wildcrafted Purple Seamoss (4 oz)

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Here we have raw dried wildcrafted golden seamoss from the Island of St.Lucia. According to Dr.Sebi it contains 92 essential minerals out of the 102 minerals our body is comprised of . Seamoss has been used for many different reasons which includes ailments, sicknesses, etc. It can be used as a daily dietary supplement, for detoxing, skin care, etc. 

*this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease

How do you prepare it?

Tools needed:

•Spring water/or water with squeezed Key Limes (not regular limes!)

*Key Limes are alkaline and will alkalize your water

 •Preferably a glass bowl (no plastic)




•Fill your bowl/container with water , and squeeze your key limes into the water in order to alkalize it. (1-2 limes is fine)

•Thoroughly wash your seamoss in the water until all of the salt, sea weed and any other particles are off of the seamoss.

•Use your strainer and strain out the water that you cleaned your seamoss in.

•Now, you want to replace the old water with fresh water (spring).

•At this point you're going to leave your seamoss in the water anywhere from 12-24 hours (preferably 24 in order for it reach its full potential in size).

•After you're seamoss is finished soaking, you can now blend your seamoss to your desired consistency!